Robyn Lawley, Body Image Hero!

By Melody Darlene January 6, 2014

Model Robyn Lawley speaks out about body image in the media. Grab your sister, friend, mother, niece, and neighbor, because everyone needs to hear what this woman has to say. At 6’2″ and a size 12, Robyn is shaking things up in the fashion industry, making history as the first “plus size” model ever to be hired by Ralph Lauren and was alsoShawn Johnson's The Body Department - VOGUE-ITALIA 1 of the 3 plus size models featured on the cover of Vogue Italia for the first time ever back in 2o11. Watch as Robyn chats with Ellen Degeneres about the ridiculousness of the concept of the “thigh gap” and the media’s effect on the way girls and women view their body.

One of our favorite points in the interview is when Robin declares her love for her body, “I’m really confident and love my body as it is.” Amen sister! She talks about the importance of positive affirmations to help you love your body. If you tell yourself that you love your body, that will translate itself into self confidence.¬†We completely agree!



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