FITFLUENCER FEATURE: Fitfluencer Taylor Binney Shares Her Tips For Optimal Wellness!

By Admin June 5, 2019

Continuing our fitfluencer interview series, we chatted with fitness and wellness influencer, Taylor Binney to get her thoughts on mental health awareness!

My name is Taylor, I live in the UK and I am 25 years old. I have a fitness based Instagram @taylorbinney_ where I promote a healthy, happy lifestyle, and I also enjoy posting workout inspiration.

What does your morning routine look like?
I wake up at 6 am, I like to take half an hour or so to wake up slowly, and do my stretches.
I usually reply to emails from 6:30 am until  7 am, I also use this time to schedule any content which may be posted later that day. I then shower, take my iron tablet, dissolvable vitamin C tablet and make a healthy breakfast. At the moment I am really enjoying rice cakes with almond butter, honey & banana, but I do love morning Oats!

When and what made you serious about wellness and fitness?
My relationship with food has always been a struggle. For years I restricted my food intake, became obsessive over calories and used exercise as a means of punishment. In January 2018 I got myself a PT, she completely changed the way I viewed exercise and myself. I fell in love with weight training, and I realised I needed to fuel my body in order to get through my workouts. I stopped restricting my food intake and started truly looking after myself. Ever since then I have been the happiest, healthiest version of myself.

Since May was Mental Health Awareness month, what are some best practices and methods when managing anxiety?
Don’t be too hard on yourself. Accept that you are having anxious thoughts and give yourself time. Often anxiety comes in waves so it is important to remind yourself it will pass. I like to go to the gym, leave my phone in my locker and do whichever workout I’m in the mood for. I find swimming, yoga, and Pilates really calming.

Do you feel like there is heightened sensitivity regarding anxiety and depression with millennials?
I am not sure if it is a heightened sensitivity or the fact that as a generation we feel more comfortable openly discussing mental health. I feel really safe talking about my mental health with friends, and family.

What’s your go-to workout you do to relieve stress?
I would say, Pilates. I find it so relaxing, yet engaging enough for me to switch off my mind to external thoughts.

Where do you predict the wellness/self-care industry will head to?
I honestly don’t know, it keeps growing and heading in different directions. There is so much potential, my main focus is on the connection between physical and mental well-being. I think there is such a strong connection between your mind and body when it comes to fitness and I am excited about where that is heading.

How do you cope with days that are overwhelming or tough? What helps you bounce back?
I like to use the app ‘Calm’ for mindfulness meditation before bed, and taking a couple of days off your phone can be a great idea to reset yourself. I often make myself a cup of tea and go on a big walk outside, it is amazing what an effect fresh air can have on the brain. Writing a list of the things you are grateful for also helps so much.

At The Body Department, we’re all about the balance between mind, body and soul… what is your own favorite self-care ritual?
Mine would be an evening at home, with a face mask, good food, my fluffy dressing gown, and a movie.

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