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To restart our fitfluencer interview series, we chatted with fitness trainer and wellness app creator, Meghan Martin to get her take on millennial self-care, what’s next for the wellness industry and the importance of mental health!

The Body Department: Tell us a little bit about yourself!
I am Meghan Martin. I’m 29 years old from Halifax, Canada but currently in Los Angeles! I’m a Transformation Specialist and the founder of the self-care wellness app, Take Ten.  My background is in Kinesiology and Osteopathy, I’m an international speaker and fitness trainer. I have a major passion for supporting individuals evolving to their best self and I believe that happens with taking care of ourselves first.

The Body Department fitfluencer Meghan Martin
TBD: What does your morning routine look like?
My current morning routine is getting up early, around 5 am (sometimes it’s later as I’m mindful a full sleep cycle is about 90 minutes and try not to wake up during a cycle). The first thing I do when I get up is move. I do a 10-20 minute workout, followed by 10 mins of journaling and 10 mins of meditation. Then I plan out my day!
I love crafting adaptogenic tonics, including different types of mushrooms and herbs or making my go-to coffee with MCT and a non-dairy creamer. Lastly, I love doing cold exposure therapy in the shower to give me that edge for the day.


TBD: When and what made you serious about wellness and fitness?
I’ve always played sports and been active but my real influence into getting into fitness and wellness started back in high school.
I wanted to get into the field of kinesiology to not only understand my body, brain and our function. I was on a quest to discover what wellness really is and from there I continued into my field of osteopathy because I wanted to understand more about how the body functions as a whole.
Through that, I was touring internationally learning and teaching a variety of fitness classes and workshops. I’ve always loved personal development and coaching which has just emulsified my belief that wellness embodies the mind, body and soul.


TBD: Interesting that you mention the mind, body soul connection. Here at The Body Department, we’re all about that balance between the 3! What is your own favorite self-care ritual?
My favorite self-care ritual is my morning routine. I LOVE a good massage or spa day, yet I don’t believe self-care should be established as a once-in-a-while- treat. It should be a ritual we follow to allow us to thrive.


TBD: What made you start your Take Ten app?
I lost a close friend at age the age of 23. It changed my life, recognizing that life is short and there is SO much more to it.
Since then I’ve been on a mission to support individuals in feeling their best and conquering their goals. Life is too short to wait for the right time to act. I created the Take Ten app to effectively support individuals in their self-care goals. Using science-backed techniques, fun workouts, and mindset work to keep clients accountable, engaged and thriving throughout creating a lifestyle. Take Ten is more than just a variety of it is also focussed on aligning your mind. The alignment and relationship between your mind and body is crucial to function at your best and doing what feels right for you.

The Body Department fitfluencer Meghan Martin
TBD: Since May is Mental Health Awareness month, what are some best practices and methods when managing anxiety?
I’m a massive advocate for mental health and I believe just like we move our bodies we can support our mental health by understanding yourself and our minds. Some of the best practices and methods I would recommend for mental health is focussing on breath work which within owning our breath we can actually shift our physiology. I believe meditation is very powerful and something we should put into daily practice, and moving our bodies in whatever way we feel is right can also release endorphins and have us feel better.
I believe journaling is powerful in getting to the bottom of our limiting beliefs, and retrain our brains to thoughts that will serve us and would also like to note that how you fuel your body can really affect your brain. #yourgutisyoursecondbrain
Practice gratitude, and take care of you, first!


TBD: Do you feel like there is heightened sensitivity regarding anxiety and depression with millennials?
I definitely think there is heightened sensitivity towards anxiety and depression. And maybe it’s just more normalized than it once was. As millennials, we are constantly immersed in social media and have a perceived pressure to keep it up.
We are always trying to “make things look good” instead of checking in with how we feel, personally and what we believe compared to that of others. Social media is amazing in so many ways but there’s so much pressure on youth these days and it might not support individuals in feeling truly connected. I believe connectedness and a community-feeling of belonging is crucial to our mental health.


TBD: Where do you predict the wellness industry will head to?
I predict the wellness and industry will continue to build. I hope individuals begin to recognize that our health is more important than anything else and that we are experiencing a world that psychologically our brains are not designed for. Which is leading to stress and burnout. My hope is that self-care and individuals taking back their power are on the horizon! That it’s not money but TIME that is the most important currency you offer this world.


TBD: Are you an advocate for CBD? If yes or no, why?
I am absolutely an advocate for CBD. It’s amazing in so many ways, it’s shown to support your body with pain and stress, mood, sleep. I love adding it to my coffee!

The Body Department fitfluencer Meghan Martin
TBD: How do you cope with days that are overwhelming or tough? What helps you bounce back?
Great Question. I actually go right into breathing or meditation. Often when I’m feeling overwhelmed it is because I’m projecting into the future and my fears/stories or I’m reacting to the past. My power is in my breath in the present. I also will look at my life in balance. If I’m overwhelmed I’ll take a moment to breathe, process and recognize that it is one part of my life, take time to shift my perception, and create an action plan to move forward. Also, I’m not better than a good ‘shower cry’… those always feel good at times of stress.

We couldn’t agree more!


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