How to Keep your Goals on Track

By Taylor Robison January 31, 2019

Okay so January is almost over and maybe we haven’t started all those new years resolutions we planned. Whether you planned to go to the gym more, drink more water, or start a business. It’s still not too late! Check out these steps to get back into your grove, or find it.

One rule I have about new years resolutions is to focus on the month. Thinking 12 months ahead about a goal can be a little bit daunting. There’s nothing wrong with thinking big like “this year I’m working towards that promotion” “this year I want to be more healthy”. It’s great to make blanket statements but it’s also important to set out monthly intentions on how you’ll execute each of them.

Let’s say your goal is to become healthier and drink more water. However this month you’ve found yourself still not eating the best. First of all, it’s okay! Just because you’ve fallen a bit off track doesn’t mean you’ve failed. You’ve still got 11 months to achieve your goal.

To get back on track, first get your notebook. Write a headline that says Achievements. Write in bullet points what you’ve achieved this month from your goal. Maybe you only worked out and ate healthy for 3 days. Write about those three days on how you achieved making healthy changes this month and what you liked about them.

Next write down your intentions for the rest of the month. Maybe there’s only 3 days left until the month is over, who cares! You’ve got 3 days to make it whatever you want. Your intentions can be, “I’m going to be less hard on myself” “I want to get a minimum of 20 minutes of exercise everyday” “I intend to be more mindful of how much water I drink”.

Now, make a third headline that says I will feel or I want to feel.   After reflecting on your achievements and your intentions think about how you want to feel at the end of the month. Do you want to feel stronger from going to the gym? Maybe more energized from eating more healthy? This will put everything into perspective and make it easier to visualize how you’ll achieve your goals!

Lastly, make a headline that says check in. Once you reach the end of the month, check in with yourself. How do you feel? Do you think you can do better? Did you exceed your expectations? Is there something you want to change for next month? After writing everything out in the check in column it can really set you up for success for the following month! It’ll make it easier to create new goals and intentions for the next month and keep you on track for achieving those big goals for the year!

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Words via Whitney Sims of Modern Nourishment

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