By Taylor Robison January 18, 2019

Mental health vs. physical health, who wins?

In the start of one’s health and wellness journey, these two categories tend to act as a constant balancing act for us all. How much emphasis on health is too much? How much is not enough?

For me, finding the right exercise regime and environment is what changed my views on health and wellness. I find myself going to the gym because it genuinely benefits my body and mind and I leave the gym a much happier person.

Working out no longer became something I had to do in order to stay skinny, but something I wanted to do because moving your body is fun and keeps me a sane human.

During your workout you are usually either thinking about 1. how skinny you will look this summer, or 2. how alive you feel, how much longer you will live, and how much better you are becoming. The second option is what keeps me constantly on a path of improving myself, mentally and physically.

I hate thinking about the exercise classes I would attend where the instructor would yell comments pertaining to weight loss, and how great you will look in your bikini once you were done with the class. Looking great naked might be somewhat of a reason as to why I’m active, but it most definitely is not what gets me through a hard workout.

Think of it as being with that guy with the beautiful looks, counteracted by the deceivingly ugly personality. (We all know one of those) You are with him for all the wrong reasons, and it most likely won’t last. Your relationship with health and wellness will also go down in flames and a possible Oreo binge if you’re in it for the vanity.

The longer you stick to a workout regime, the more mentally involved you become. Make sure you are picking the right routines to help build you up, and not break you down.

Workouts that benefit your physical and mental health:



No matter how long of a hiatus I take from my mat due to the craziness of life, I always end up finding my way back. Then once I’m back, I always wonder why it took me so long to remember that it brings me such peace of mind.

Yoga isn’t for the athletically or physically gifted. It’s as challenging as you want to make it, which is why I believe everyone should try a yoga class at least one time on their lives. Have you ever tried taking a few minutes out of your day to think about absolutely nothing?


At times you really just need to hit something…or on an especially bad day, hit someone. Why not burn calories and avoid law enforcement by getting out your crazy in a gym where it’s socially acceptable to be a little bat sh*t crazy?

Even celebrities around the globe are jumping on the more aggressive form of stress relief. Check out Ellie Goulding throwing bombs like a boss. It’s lit.


There are many reasons as to why one would try the slightly insane, a little obnoxious, and trendy new way to workout called Crossfit. Rather it be to get ripped or meet new friends, joining a local box a little less than a year ago completely changed the way I feel about my body.

I stopped thinking of my physical self as an object of sex, attempting to portray a ‘perfect’ body image that social media today so heavily suppresses on my age group, and began to think of my body as a working machine powered by a healthy mental state.


The way you feel about yourself influences every decision you make in life, whether it be who you sleep with or if you decide to get of bed in the morning.

Bringing us back to my original source of madness, if you are not mentally healthy, are you truly physically healthy? Excel at your New Year’s resolutions by finding a way to exercise that benefits your body just as much as your mind. Spin, yoga, Crossfit, meditation, boxing, just pick your poison, get out and move.

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