5 Female Empowerment Brands to Follow on Instagram

By The Body Department February 23, 2018

Maybe it’s the recent announcement that everyone’s favorite girl power groupSpice Girls (!!!) are going on a reunion tour, that has me feeling some type of way about feminism. Or just the simple fact that it’s 2018, and female empowerment is not only on the rise, it’s finally being celebrated. And it’s about damn time we do just that. 

If you’re seeking daily motivation, or you just need a little reminder of your female power, look no further. Below are 5 accounts that are giving major girl power vibes and inspiring a movement, one curated post at a time.

1. @goalgang

I love everything Goal Gang if not for their bio alone: “For women by women. Unapologetically bawsey.” This powerful female collective is all about celebrating women. By being proud and accepting of the woman that you are, and not giving a damn what anyone thinks. That’s something we can get behind. 

2. @recipesforselflove

Equal parts artistic and inspiring, the all hand drawn illustrated feed includes messaging that’s both real and powerful. Addressing issues like mental health, gender inequality, and all topics of womanhood, this account reminds us that that we’re stronger together.

Chock-full of self-love mantras, fierce political rants and inspiring woman quotes, this account delivers just the right amount of feminine boss hood realness. The Female Collective is just the kind of kick in the ass we need to remember to not only embrace our power, but to never forget it. 

4. @whohaha

WhoHaha is like the best friend you didn’t know you needed. Forever lifting us up. The brand’s aim is to support women in comedy, reminding us that we can literally do it all. Featuring some of the most hilarious content curated by women comediennes, you’ll stay laughing, and feeling proud as hell to be the queen that you are. 

5. @gurlstalk

Described as ‘A safe place for girls to share and listen without any judgement or stigma”, the brand expertly does just that. Girls Talk is all for smashing the patriarchy and encouraging honest conversation by cultivating a supportive female forward environment. Community over competition, always.

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