Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty If You Flake on New Year’s Resolutions

By Admin February 4, 2019

Now that we are well into 2019, I’m sure we’ve all returned to the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. With the return of routine and everyday stress you may feel some of your resolutions beginning to falter, but fear not!

Here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t feel guilty for flaking on your New Year’s resolutions:

1.    Life Happens

This first one is simple, life happens. Establishing new habits and patterns is no easy task, and it’s even more difficult when life isn’t always so considerate with when it decides to throw you a curve ball or two. Having to take some time off or let go of your resolution completely is nothing to beat yourself up about. Especially, if it means beneficially prioritizing and structuring your life.


2. What You Need or Want Changes

Sometimes a resolution that seems like a great idea or exactly what you need doesn’t always stay that way. If a few days, weeks, or months go by and you realize your resolution is hindering you rather than helping you, kick it to the curb! There is nothing wrong with adjusting your wants, needs, or expectations as you make your way through this new year.

3. You Can Always Pick Back Up

Maybe somewhere in the last few weeks you decided you needed to take some time off from your resolutions,  that’s okay! Don’t feel discouraged! You can still pursue your goals even if you decide to take some time off. The great thing about resolutions are that they are for you and only you. Even if you fall off the wagon, you can always pick up right where you left off.

There are no rules, there are no rights and wrongs, there is only you and what you need to feel happy, healthy, and renewed. Make 2019 your year, resolutions or not! Now go forth and flourish! 

Words via Lexi Johnson | Images via Giphy.

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