How To Literally Wear Your Heart on Your Chest: An Anti-Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

By The Body Department February 5, 2018

So it’s almost Valentine’s Day and love is in the air… or whatever. Whether you’re locked in a relationship or living that single life, we can all relate to giving zerofucks when it comes to love. That could mean not settling, or having a IDFWU attitude when it comes to your dating standards. There ain’t no harm in telling it like it is. 

We’ve gathered the best throw-it-on-and-go pieces that say it all, without you ever having to speak a word. The ultimate anti-Valentine’s Day gift guide, featuring ultra-comfy pieces to complement your mood. No mushy feelings needed. 

Blunt. Just how we like it. Hair looking all types of hot mess? Zerofucks. Didn’t get a phone call after your first date? Zerofucks. There’s something so liberating about living and loving like you literally DGAF. 
2. Boy Bye Hoodie, $32.50
Okay, so this one might be full of spite but we don’t care. Post break-up or just a forever mood, this phrase will never get old. When someone does you wrong, tell ’em…
Never was. Never will be. Set the tone in the perfect girl power track jacket. Throw on over just about everything in your closet. Independence never felt or looked so good. 
Unapologetic and full of sass. Whether you’re up in the gym, or headed to grab coffee with a new Tinder crush, this hat applies. Let wandering eyes be warned. 
*Cue ‘All The Single Ladies.’* This sweater is all kinds of feminist and we love it. Being self-sufficient in a relationship is important to you and being an equal to your partner is even more so. You don’t settle until you find someone who checks all the boxes. You’re a kween and you know it. 

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